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Fly-In, Drive-In, Walk-In
Free BBQ
Alexandria, MN (KAXN)
August 7, 2016, 12pm to 3pm

Join On His Wings Foundation as we introduce our newest water packaging machine.
  • Water Bagging Demonstrations
  • Drone Demonstrations
  • Various Fly-In Activities
  • Free Airplane Rides

Fun for all ages. Bring the kids.

Good flying, good food, good friends and great fun!

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Fly-In, Alexandria, MN (KAXN)
Free Pork BBQ Dinner
July 27, 2012, 5pm to 8pm

Stop by on your way to Oshkosh.

Join On His Wings Foundation as we introduce our new water packaging machine to be used to manufacture water on-site after a disaster.

Meet Dan Spencer of Samaritans Purse. Dan and his family are missionaries in Liberia, Africa. Dan will share stories of his life as a helicopter mission pilot in Africa and help bring attention to mission pilot operations.

Fun for all ages. Bring the kids.

Good flying, good food, good friends and great fun!

Live music after 8pm.

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Previous Events and Missions

May 3, 2012
50 Capitols PrayerFlight

Join On His Wings Foundation in its support of PrayerFlight. PrayerFlight will conduct "50 Capitols PrayerFlight" for the 5th year in a row. "50 Capitols PrayerFlight" was first organized and flown in 2008 with approximately 75 pilots from every state in the nations in coordinated prayer over every capitol city in the United States. Contact Dennis Conn of On His Wings Foundation for information. PrayerFlight

SUN 'n FUN 2012, March 27 - April 1

Dennis Conn and Marvin Mathes will be at SUN n' FUN 2012 assisting Operation Renewed Hope. On His Wings Foundation flew relief flights on behalf of Operation Renewed Hope after the Haiti earthquake in 2010. Stop by and say hello.

November 2011
November 15th-23rd
A team from On His Wings Foundation traveled to Haiti and spent with week with Bishop Stenio Capre of Harvest of Haiti Ministries.

October 2011

October 30, 2011
Free Airplane Rides and BBQ Fundraiser fundraiser to provide 219,672 Kids Against Hunger meals and 10,000 bottles of Living Water to Haiti.

July 2011
July 3
On His Wings and volunteers distributed 800 bottles of Living Water at the 4th of July parade in Starbuck, MN. (pictures)

July 14
Waterama Parade prayer and planning meeting at the Alexandria, MN airport.

July 17
Ernie Unruh Benefit. Ernie is a board member for On His Wings Foundation. Help Ernie win his fight against cancer with your prayers and donations. (flyer)

July 24
2000 bottles of Living Water are being delivered to Lighthouse Christian Church in Rosemount, Minnesota.

July 31, 1:00pm
56th Annual Waterama Parade in Glenwood, MN. On His Wings has a float in the parade and is looking for 200 volunteers of all ages to help pass out 3,000 bottles of Living Water.

June 2011
Dennis Conn and Chad Versteeg attended the U.S. Disaster Relief Volunteer Retreat, Asheville, North Carolina. Presented by Samaritans Purse

Dennis Conn, Marvin Mathes, and Jamie Mathes joined Alexandria Covenant Church for a short term mission trip to Haiti. (pictures)

May 2010
Native American Fly-In South Dakota. (pictures)

March 2010
Delivered supplies to Haiti after the earthquake. (pictures)

February 2010
Delivered supplies to Haiti after the earthquake. (pictures)

Living Water is a ministry of On His Wings Foundation. Water is always in short supply after a disaster. On His Wings has accepted the challenge of providing fresh, clean, bottled water to disaster areas as quickly as possible.

On His Wings Foundation recognizes that a special opportunity exists immediately after a disaster to meet physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Each bottle of Living Water is custom labeled with an uplifting from Jesus in the language of the affected community.

You can help. Become part of the Living Water ministry by sponsoring a case of Living Water. Each bottle you sponsor can reach someone for Christ.

Jesus said, "Everyone who drinks this water will get thirsty again and again. Anyone who drinks the water I give will never thirst, not ever. The water I give will be an artesian spring within, gushing fountains of endless life." John 4:13-14 MSG

To learn more or to sponsor a case of Living Water with your tax deductible donation call 320.616.1649 or Donate now.

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