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Haiti Jacmel
Haiti Dennis Conn and Chad Versteeg
Haiti Jacmel
Aircraft Owners, Pilots, and Mechanics
Sign Me UpHave you ever felt called to help after a disaster? You can make a difference. Join On His Wings Foundation in its mission to provide disaster relief through volunteer aviation. As an aircraft owner, pilot, or aircraft mechanic, you are uniquely qualified to provide a valuable and necessary service.

Consider making the decision to help now. We don't know when or where we will be needed next, but we can be ready. If you are willing to volunteer your aircraft or skill as a pilot or mechanic, sign up now. We will keep you updated as missions become available. Also join us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates.

Join On His Wings Foundation in helping people in need around the world when they need it the most. Lets show the world what we can do with volunteer aviation.

As an additional benefit, On His Wings Foundation is a tax deductible charitable organization and you can deduct your expenses and donations while volunteering.